July 14, 2024


Giving your Home a new Option

6 Prefab Companies Ready to Build Your New Backyard Office

The global pandemic has made working from home the new normal for many businesses—and not everyone has had an easy time adjusting. For those seeking escape from rowdy roommates and children, backyard offices have become an increasingly attractive way to find peace and quiet without leaving home. From Canada to Texas, prefab companies are working hard to meet increased demand for compact and stylish home offices that can be prefabricated, shipped, and assembled with speed. We’ve rounded up six firms offering prefab backyard office solutions that range from luxury fully furnished units to more affordable DIY kit options.

1. Drop Structures

Built with an R-21 envelope, Drop Structures’ Micro unit is clad in a maintenance-free standing-seam metal exterior and features a Baltic birch interior with luxury vinyl flooring.

Best known for their 107-square-foot prefab Mono cabin, Canadian design studio Drop Structures has expanded their small space offerings with the Micro, an affordable 60-square-foot answer to an uptick of inquiries for home offices due to COVID-19. Unveiled in April, the lightweight structure starts at just $10,900 for the base model, and a variety of add-on options are also available (a version with a full-height glass door starts at $12,900). Customers looking for a bit more room in their office can also consider Drop Structures’ Mono cabin or its simpler counterpart, the Mono Mini. Drop Structures ships all across North America.

2. Buhaus

The Buhaus includes a living/sleeping area with a kitchenette, a bathroom, and an outdoor deck. Each unit can be completed within three to four months.

For those looking for a more upscale live/work option, Malibu-based Buhaus has created a luxe ADU that can function as an office during the day and converts—thanks to a custom built-in Murphy bed—into a bedroom at night. Designed to emphasize indoor/outdoor living, the 160-square-foot structure is housed within a repurposed shipping container that opens up to the outdoors via large folding panels. The base price for the customizable unit is $96,000, which includes all finishes, custom built-ins, and appliances. Buhaus also meets California wildfire resiliency codes and is off-grid capable.

3. Plus Hus

The Plús Hús is constructed with Minarc’s energy-efficient and VOC-free mnmMOD panelized system. It incorporates Cradle to Cradle–certified extruded polystyrene and 30% recycled steel.

Beautiful, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly, the Plús Hús—Icelandic for “Plus House” and pronounced like “couscous”—is a multipurpose 320-square-foot ADU that can be used as a home office or guesthouse. Manufactured in downtown Los Angeles by design firm Minarc, the multipurpose prefab starts at $47,000 for the basic Open model. The Full model starts at $59,000 and includes a kitchen and bathroom. The Plús Hús can be flat packed and delivered anywhere in the U.S. and then assembled with minimal waste.

4. Kanga Room Systems

This 168-square-foot Kanga Modern Kwik Room serves as a backyard office. All elements in Kwik Room kits are precut and panelized, except for the siding.

In the heart of Texas, Waco-based Kanga Room Systems is a prefab kit home purveyor that offers a wide range of cabins, sheds, and studios that are engineered for straightforward self-assembly. The company’s most affordable and fastest-to-assemble option is the Kwik Room, which is perfectly sized for a backyard office. Kwik Rooms are available in modern and traditional cottage styles, and they range from 80 square feet to 196 square feet, with shell kit pricing starting at just $5,000. While installed shells and turnkey options are only available for Texan properties, the firm ships shell kits nationwide.

5. Studio Shed

Constructed with sustainably sourced lumber and large, double-pane windows, Studio Shed’s all-season Signature Series units are popularly used as backyard offices.

Based in Louisville, Colorado, Studio Shed has been crafting prefab backyard buildings since 2008. While the design/build firm has expanded its offerings to include larger prefab homes, its original Signature Series units are still a favorite among those looking for a little more living space in their backyard. Prefabricated in Colorado, the multifunctional Signature Series units range in size from 8′ x 8′ up to 12′ x 20′. Pricing starts at $10,500, and units can be customized using their online configurator that includes estimated costs. Installation of their most popular sizes typically take less than a week, including all interior finishes and electrical connections.

6. kitHAUS

A k3 series prefab office completed in Venice, California. All kitHAUS prefabs come with SIP panels, dual-layer low-e glazing, and other energy-saving features for a minimal ecological footprint.

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