July 13, 2024


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Historic North Capitol Hill Exterior | Custom Home Restoration

Historic North Capitol Hill Exterior | Custom Home Restoration

It takes a very unique set of circumstances for a Hammer & Hand project to move forward on a project without an architect or designer. As traditional custom home builders, we do not employ in-house designers, but rather we work closely with some of the finest architects and design firms in the Portland and Seattle areas.  However, due to the nature of the work on this particular project (and our longstanding relationship with the client), this exterior restoration of an historic 1912 house near Seattle’s Volunteer Park was a notable exception.

Hammer & Hand worked with this client on their beautiful home several times prior, partnering with design teams to complete various remodels and restorations within the house. So when they needed upgrades and repairs made to the exterior, they reached out to the only contractor they trusted the details of their historic home to: Hammer & Hand. With an eye focused more on durability and historic restoration rather than new design, Project Supervisor Nick Meyer took on the project. Nick served as Site Lead on a 2013 remodel of the client’s living room and front porch extension, complete with our own shop-built unique pocket/swing door combo, so he knew the house and the clients well, and thus was uniquely positioned to captain the project.  Brian Haggerty served as Lead Carpenter on this restoration.

The house suffered some recent storm damage resulting from an extremely heavy snow during an atypical Seattle winter, requiring some new framing and weather-proofing upgrades. The team stripped the south side of the house to add in a new weather resistive barrier, flashing, and trim; a task that required custom fabrication to match the original historic design. One of the most challenging elements of the project was working with curved walls that demanded custom flashing and a process for bending wood to match the shapes and historic profiles. Another unique aspect of the project was a custom shed built to house the client’s 8ft long tandem bike. A favorite activity for the family, it was necessary to erect a custom shelter to keep the bike safely secured and out of the harsh Pacific Northwest weather. Prefab sheds weren’t going to cut it, so Hammer & Hand came to the rescue!

While a relatively smaller project in scale, the exterior repair of this 1912 home in Seattle’s Volunteer Park neighborhood proved to be an excellent opportunity for Hammer & Hand’s skilled carpenters to demonstrate their ability to integrate stringent weatherization techniques and a fine level of craftsmanship needed for historic restorations.


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