July 14, 2024


Giving your Home a new Option

Feng Shui House Design using SketchUp

Feng Shui House Design using SketchUp

I’m in the process of learning the new 2022 drawing software called, SketchUp. When I was in college (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, haha) I was taught Auto CAD. Now CAD is still the supreme drawing option for most firms, but many are jumping onto the Sketchup bandwagon because of its many options. As frustrating as this software is for me – it’s NOT intuitive at all, I’m getting the hang of it. Imagine if you will, a bright, wildly creative individual who glows in multiple colors trying to use software that was built by black and white, boring engineers who really, really liked geometry in high school. OK maybe that is a bit severe, but seriously, I’ve used a 3D software for years called 3D pro and I was up and running with it within a week. I’m three weeks into SketchUp and every minuscule thing is an uphill battle to learn. It’s the right brain fighting it out with the left brain!

With that said, I know that I will progress the more I use it. And I have to say, it is nice to use one software as opposed to many. With Auto CAD, I often had to use photoshop and Canva, and moving in and out of different programs and software slows your workflow down. Not to mention, each software is different in how it works so it can be jolting to the brain cells! One of the benefits of working inside one program is being able to do full floor plans, cabinetry layouts, lighting plans, and space plans, and never leave the software. It has also been highly beneficial to my Feng Shui clients. Whether I am doing a whole house or a renovation, SketchUp is proving to be quite powerful in creating an energetically valuable home that my clients can experience before it’s even built.


For example, this client is a CEO of a major brand and has large sales goals that he has to make each month. To keep his wealth Chi stirred up I implemented the five elemental theory in a bathroom that would otherwise drain his wealth. In the past, I would have literally sketched this concept on paper, and shown numerous color swatches which likely would have looked like a clown car. Instead, I can show a drawing of exactly what’s in my head, and explain the why. In theory, this would sound crazy, however, when you see it, it’s quite beautiful.

In addition, it’s easier to do cabinet layouts and design as well. Before I had to jump in and out of Auto Cad and into Photoshop and Canva. This allows me to categorize and organize details for homeowners and contractors and keep information in one spot.

And I am a stickler for details! Not only do you want things pretty, but if you are working with me we will always factor in the energy aspect of every decision. This kitchen is a prime example of that. This homeowner has three kids. We needed a space that is high-style, but also functional. It needed to be easy to clean and maintain, thus, why I did slab cabinets, metal stools, and large hardware. Many homes that I go in have dirt and grime everywhere, despite having someone to help them clean. Baseboards, cabinets, and fixtures are prime dust collectors. Over time this can slow your Chi down. So whenever designing a space, always keep the Feng Shui aspect in mind. Beautiful energy is what creates a beautiful space! (Where to buy: Hardware, counter stools)

Are you about to build or remodel? Here are 3 things you must pay attention to get the energy right:

  • Front Door – Even if you are remodeling the back of your house, or sprucing it up, never ignore the front door. It’s one of the most important areas of a home to get your Feng Shui right. Here’s a video, and here’s a video to help you learn more.
  • Bathrooms – On average, most bathrooms have 3 to 5 drains. Where does that water go? It goes down the drain along with your Chi! So always pay attention to the location of your bathrooms and also pay attention to their layout! The bathroom below does not have a good layout. See that glass shower wall? It’s smack dab in the middle and lines up with the doorway. From an energy standpoint, every time someone walks into this bathroom they are being hit energetically with this “shooting Chi.” This homeowner could experience headaches, digestive issues, and struggle with foggy thinking.

  • Shape – Many homeowners at one point or another will decide to remodel their homes. This often includes an addition off the back of the house. While the added space is groovy for your growing family, it could be detrimental if the energy isn’t taken into consideration. Here’s a great example. This addition is making a great owners suite off the back of the house. The benefits are more space, and will also improve wealth! But the caveat is they are also creating a missing area in relationships and areas of the heart. Over time this will put a strain on any relationship and no amount of money is worth that!

Feng Shui house design is extremely important to get the energy and beauty right. Doing this brings more peace and flow into your life. One cannot exist without the other. And yes, they absolutely can coexist in a ‘non-woo,’ stunningly beautiful way! In fact, most people see my designs and have no idea that Feng Shui is even in play! And now with SketchUp, I feel like everyone is on the same page! Hot damn, now that’s good design! What design software do you use?

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