June 13, 2024


Giving your Home a new Option

Why skirting board is so important?

Skirting boards, also known as baseboards, are planks or panels that run around the lowest part of an interior wall, either nailed, glued, or screwed onto it. These skirting boards serve a lot of uses in our homes. There are few reasons why we have them in the house and why they are so important:

  • Usually, skirting boards cover the gaps gap that is left between the wooden flooring and the walls. It is hardly possible to keep the wall aligned to the floor perfectly. As it happens, skirting boards are the perfect choice to hide these unsightly gaps and give the wall a finished look. They can also hide unsightly wall or floor edges that may be uneven and untidy.
  • Also, skirting boards act as protection for the wall from scratches and scuffs, accidental knocks from furniture, wear, and tear, and so on. The skirting boards prevent the furniture from sticking close to the walls and ruining the paint job or creating unfavoured lines on the wallpaper.
  • Moreover, the skirting boards can hide unsightly wiring. Hiding electrical wirings in the skirting boards is practical and economical. Many skirting boards are made for this very purpose.
  • Also, skirting boards are being used for decorative purposes. Skirting boards can be either flat or feature moldings and elaborate carpentry. These moldings are also called profiles. Skirting boards are versatile as well. They can be made of wood, plastic, PVC, or some other flexible material.

I recommend talking to a consultant for specific advice about what skirting board products fit your need the best. Good luck with finding the best product.