June 13, 2024


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Visiting the Urban Side of Malaysia

Visiting a different country is a challenge for many people. Why? This is because of the new people they meet, new language they hear, new food they eat and a new culture they see. When you are situated in a place that is the total opposite from where you are, you would be culture shocked and questions will be popping in your mind. It is very undeniable that we experience this. We could not blame that in life we are used to our usual routines and practices. But still despite the challenge you meet when you go for a long travel, you would still continue because it is your goal and there is a purpose for your travel.
From West to East
People from the US or UK go on a vacation to countries in Asia in order to explore the bountiful tropical beaches and places. Some would come to explore mountains and go on a wildlife adventure. A few would also want to visit unique places or spots that they don’t see from where villas near hoskote they come from. One country that is usually visited by a lot of people is Malaysia. This country boasts a high class tourism, ranging from endless beaches, temples, various cuisines, showcase of talents and a wide array of entertaining views. Most people come here to visit Kuala Lumpur and some temples here and there. However, some people who really explore the country goes beyond the main city and jump off to another urban place called Johor Bahru.
Welcome to Johor Bahru!
One of the best cities in Malaysia is located in the southern part of the country near the Eurasian mainland. This city holds the royal village called Pasir Pelangi. This city is also a gateway between Malaysia and Singapore. It is also the second largest city in the country and is also a very attractive urban place. This city is Johor Bahru. It’s beauty is well focused during the night when lights from all over the city is lit. When you look at the city in aerial view, you would see how colorful and lighted it is. Aside from that this city also house some of the best attractions in the country. Those include Sultan Abu Bakar Museum, Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum, etc. This place is ideal for travelers looking to have fun and who wants to enjoy a thrift buy.
There is still more to explore within the city. Some attractions are yet to be discovered by you. If you would like to see more you can always do a little research before getting here. What’s even better is that the city is accessible and has a lot of hotels and accommodations ready for visitors like you. Always remember, you can go beyond the normal tradition of visiting temples, instead you go ahead and have fun on the urban side of Malaysia.