May 20, 2024


Giving your Home a new Option

Urban Cocoon by Bean Buro Limited

Although the high-energy city of Hong Kong doesn’t usually conjure up images of quiet relaxation, the home that design firm Bean Buro envisioned for one young family is certainly full of calming vibes. The firm calls the project Urban Cocoon because, as co-founder Lorène Faure explains, “We have managed to create an extremely calming and cozy family apartment right in the middle of the city.”

Bean Buro’s Urban Cocoon draws inspiration from Japanese teahouses. This reference point can be felt at the entryway, which features light timber and slatted screens.

The slatted dividing wall creates a distinction between the living room and the entryway, which is essentially part of a larger open space that includes the dining area.

Bean Buro thoughtfully organized the interior of the 1,200-square-foot flat with distinct zone and light wood interiors reminiscent of Japanese teahouses. The firm took every opportunity to insert additional storage into the compact home, and there are nooks for napping and reading books.

The bedroom, study, and living room, which the firm refers to as cocoons, are carefully appointed to take advantage of the apartment’s best views. There are also two work from home setups—for both the husband and the wife—that can be discreetly tucked away.  

The timber slatted dividers serve double duty by supporting bookshelves in the living room and coat hooks at the entry. 

This custom storage bench with a built-in cabinet and mirror is made and designed by Bean Buro. The unit is made from wood, marble, and an upholstered leather seat. It’s designed to create a moment of pause when arriving or leaving the apartment.

The open-plan living area is divided into separate zones by slatted walls that support bookshelves in the living room and coat hooks at the entryway. Two large, circular mirrors—one at the entrance of the home and one at the end of a long corridor—face each other to “create a conversation” as the interiors transition from public to private. 

All of the finishes have neutral tones to fit the minimalist palette.

At the opposite end of the long hallway, another round mirror hangs in the master bathroom. 

The dining room also serves as a home office for the wife. She wanted to have her work set up in the same room as the piano, so that she could easily take quick music breaks.

The two home office setups are tailored to suit the needs of each spouse. The husband requested a private workspace, which is concealed inside the master bedroom. The wife opted for a hidden nook in the dining room—a custom-made desk is installed in a closet so that it can be tucked away as needed. There are cabinets to conceal books, and the desk is near the family’s piano, where she enjoys taking quick music breaks.

The wife’s workspace is in the dining area. Her desk is concealed behind closet doors and can be neatly tucked away as needed.

The entire unit is a custom design, fitted with drawers and a writable magnetic surface—just like a proper office.

The fresh, minimal kitchen is conveniently located off the dining room. The light-colored cabinets are treated with a high-quality factory spray-painted finish.

In the master bedroom, Bean Buro encased the couple’s existing bed in a timber unit. The JWDA Pendant is by Menu. 

The master bedroom is lined with built-in closets to maximize storage.

The master bathroom also has ample storage and a large, circular mirror. 

Bean Buro designed the child’s room with Montessori concepts in mind. Parts of the wall are painted with an abstract green mountain graphic, and there is a mirror with grab bar designed to help an infant stand up and play. Child-sized ledges display favorite books, and there’s even a play area underneath the loft bed with a squishy fabric lining.

In the child’s room, floor-to-ceiling built-in closets maximize storage and a loft bed creates space for a play station underneath.

The walls of the room are lined with easily-accessible shelves and cabinets that are perfect for books and toys.

The floor plan for Urban Cocoon. 

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