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Tips For Creating The Perfect Bedroom Space ~ Fresh Design Blog

Tips For Creating The Perfect Bedroom Space ~ Fresh Design Blog

Getting enough sleep and a good night’s rest is essential for your health and wellbeing. You’ll feel happier and function to the best of your ability when you get your rest.

What this will require is having a bedroom that’s inviting and comfortable. You want to walk in and instantly feel calm and content. If you’re ready to update this very important room in your home then you’ve come to the right place to learn more. The following information includes some tips for creating the perfect bedroom space so you can truly enjoy the room to the fullest and get plenty of restful sleep.

Keep it Clean

Calming blue and white colour scheme in a bedroom interior
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Create the perfect bedroom space or guest bedroom by working diligently to keep it clean. Tidy up daily and make sure all your clothes have somewhere to be stored away and are out of sight. You may also want to invest in some additional furniture pieces that provide you with additional storage solutions. Tackle your closet and the master bathroom and make sure that these areas are well-organised and all your stuff is in order. You want to be at ease and know where everything is in your bedroom so that you can avoid feelings of stress and anxiety.

Ensure Privacy

You likely have some windows in your bedroom that will require your attention. Not only should you keep your bedroom windows clean and address any draughts that are present but you also should spend time and money dressing them up. Here you can find beautiful DIY blinds that you can order and install yourself when you’re ready. They’ll not only make your bedroom look more attractive and stylish but will add privacy and help you keep the room at a comfortable temperature. You can consider hanging curtains in your bedroom if you want the room to be as dark as possible and add some texture and a pop of colour.

Invest in Comfortable Bedding

Calming bedroom colour scheme for peaceful nights
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You want to be able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep when it’s time to go to bed. Therefore, invest in comfortable bedding and a good mattress that doesn’t cause you back pain. Create the perfect bedroom space by getting cosy blankets, sheets, and a comforter that you can wrap yourself in, especially during the wintertime. When you’re comfortable and you aren’t dealing with aches or pains from a poor mattress then you’ll sleep better and will feel great the following day.

Choose the Right Flooring

You have options when it comes to the type of flooring you put in your bedroom. What you decide is the right choice is ultimately a personal preference. Create the perfect bedroom space by selecting the right flooring for you and your home. If you want warmth under your feet and prefer a traditional look then you may want to opt for carpet. However, some homeowners are putting in hard flooring such as luxury vinyl tile these days. All you may want to do in this case is place down an area rug or two for texture and warmth. An area rug is also a way to incorporate more colour and patterns into your bedroom.

Enhance the Lighting

A bed with white linens and an upholstered headboard with a warm wood side table and metallic lamp
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The perfect bedroom space will also have good and proper lighting. Enhance the lighting in this room by having plenty of options to illuminate the space. Make sure that you include the main fixture or a focal point but that you also have ways to make the room feel cosy at night-time with lights. Your main fixture can also act as a piece of art if you choose something fancy and eye-catching. Also, add a few table lamps on your bedside tables and have some candles you can light when you want. The purpose of your new lighting in your bedroom should be to create a functional yet stylish space that sets the right mood and tone.

Set up A Cosy Reading Nook

Another tip for creating the perfect bedroom space is to utilise all the space in the room to the fullest. One idea is to set up a cosy reading nook that you can retreat to and get lost in a good book. It’ll be nice to have an area where you can hang out and relax when you have some free time and want to recharge without taking a nap or laying in bed. Include a few comfortable chairs and a small table and a lamp you can turn on if it’s dark. Also, you’ll want to have some pillows and blankets you can cuddle up in when you’re ready to read or want to close your eyes. Consider placing your reading nook near the window where you can enjoy some natural light if possible.

Paint & Decorate

It's worth investing in a decent bed and mattress to ensure a good night's sleep
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You want your bedroom space to speak to you and also look modern and attractive. Therefore, take the time to paint the walls a pleasant and calming colour. You don’t want the paint to steal the show and make you feel wound up or energised. Instead, consider cooler and more soothing hues that make you feel relaxed and calm when you enter the room. Also, be sure to decorate the space to your liking and make it feel homey. For example, you can add some greenery and plants, hang some pictures or artwork, and place a few decorative items on the furniture or include large pieces that sit on the floor. You might also want to have a bookshelf that you can use to keep your books organised.


These are some of the best ways to effectively create the perfect bedroom space in your home. It’s a project that you should plan to tackle since there are many benefits that come with you doing so. One of the most important upsides is that you’ll sleep better and get more rest when your bedroom is a place that makes you feel calm and is a place where you will experience as little stress as possible. Have fun personalising and updating the space and then be sure to sit back and enjoy it daily. You’ll soon discover that you have more natural energy and are in a better mood most days due to your efforts and improved sleep.