June 13, 2024


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This Amazon Coffee Table Makes Dining Comfortable and Has Tons of Storage Space

This Amazon Coffee Table Makes Dining Comfortable and Has Tons of Storage Space

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In essence, coffee tables are mostly meant for decoration. They function as the centerpoint for your living room seating. They’re a good place to put some nice tomes, plants, and maybe a candle or two. And they’re a convenient spot for your remote and your feet when you want to kick back. But beyond that? You technically could dine and work from your coffee table, but chances are its height makes doing so uncomfortable. And unless the table has an extra shelf under its surface, it probably can’t hold very many things. Here at AT, we appreciate beautiful furniture, including coffee tables that fit a range of aesthetics and elevate the space they occupy. But we also look for pieces that add more value than just being nice to look at. So maybe it’s time to stop and ask yourself, what does your coffee table do for you?

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If your answer is, not a whole lot, it’s time for an upgrade. And we’ve found just the item to make your living room a more effective office, dining area, and place for relaxation. The WLIVE lift top coffee table from Amazon looks like any ordinary coffee table upon first glance, but there’s more here than meets the eye.

Firstly, this piece is stylish, and at under $200, it’s an affordable price compared to the more expensive dupes you can find at high-end retailers. But the kicker is that this table has a top that partially lifts up to make your experience way more comfortable. You’ve likely had to hunch over a low surface to see your laptop monitor better or to avoid dropping food onto yourself. But this feature completely eliminates that problem, and Amazon customers couldn’t be more delighted. “The height of the table top is spectacular!” one reviewer noted. “Most lift-up tables are all in my face, and I’m 6′ tall. This is the perfect height for my laptop and coffee in the morning, or a quick meal after a long day.”

So you might be thinking, cool, the coffee table has a lift-away top; end of story. But you’d be wrong because under that top is a whole compartment for storage space, plus a smaller compartment that can be divided into two thanks to a removable shelf. You can fit a number of things in them, including dining trays, reading materials, gaming equipment, and more. Despite all these features, customers seem to agree that the coffee table is not difficult to set up. “I found this exact table on another site for $100 more, so I bought through Amazon,” one reviewer shared. “I thought it was going to be overwhelming to put together, but it really wasn’t. … I am very surprised at how much the storage area holds!” A pleasant surprise, no doubt.

So it’s settled — there’s no reason why you should have to compromise looks for the sake of storage. This coffee table proves that you can, indeed, have it all.