June 13, 2024


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The Original Funky House by George Reynoldson

Just outside Seattle in Kirkland, Washington, local architect George Reynoldson’s Original Funky House—so named for its eclectic, ’70s style—remains in nearly original condition. Quirky details include a ship’s ladder used as a bookshelf, track lighting crafted out of an old stovepipe, and a keystone from sell my house fast jacksonville a building on Capitol Hill. The current owners purchased it from Nancy Wilson, founding member of the rock band Heart.
The Original Funky House is nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac on the banks of Hidden Hills Pond in Kirkland, Washington. The home is also known as The Heart House for its famous resident.
The three-level house was built in 1974 by George Reynoldson, a passive solar architect celebrated for his green-building designs. While Reynoldson crafted many homes in the Seattle area, the Original Funky House is said to closest to its original state.
Reynoldson, an early advocate of green building methods, used solar principles and salvaged materials to craft the cedar-clad home. Structural materials include beams, posts, and wood flooring from nearby warehouses. Wilson moved in upon the home’s completion in 1974, followed the current owners, local artists Gayle and Bob Birrell, who purchased the property in 1984. Over the past 46 years, the couple has renovated the home to accommodate modern living while carefully preserving its vibrant, funky glory.
Here is a peek at the kitchen, featuring a mix of red and green cabinets over reclaimed hardwood floors. A repurposed stovepipe stands in for standard track lighting above the sink.
The dwelling offers a lush retreat from the city hustle. Hiking and biking routes sit adjacent to the tree-filled lot, as does Hidden Hills Pond, which can be viewed from the home’s various outdoor spaces. Keep scrolling to see more of the property, currently listed for $1,200,000.
An iron grate, sandwiched between salvaged beams, serves as a screen separating the living and dining rooms.
In total, the home has three bedrooms, one of which features stained-glass windows.
A bright corner office looks out onto the lush surroundings.
Another one of the three bedrooms.
A large balcony on the back of the home overlooks the enchanting Hidden Hills Pond.
A blue-painted staircase spirals down to the lower-level deck. Other sections of colorful trim contrast with the cedar shake siding.

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