February 7, 2023


Giving your Home a new Option

Spice Up Dull Corners With These Accent Chair Additions!

We’ve all seen those uncomfortable empty room corners in every home. While we can always slide in a quaint side table with some indoor plants in that area, an accent chair also sounds like a good idea to incorporate. With that, if you’re looking for accent chairs to buy online, you’ve come to the right place.

We at Yorkshire Fabrics share the struggle. These empty spaces also make us feel uneasy. But, worry no more – we have this quick guide for you on how to fill and decorate these areas without clogging up or overwhelming that particular corner.  Go over these quick and easy ideas before you look for accent chairs to buy online, and you’ll find the redecoration to be a breeze.

Corner workspaces

One good way to utilize of those empty space under the stairs would be to slip in a mini workstation. While this may not work as a home office, it can be a great place to do some quick work, especially if you need a break from the isolation. Just put in an adequately sized desk and an ergonomic chair, then you’re good to go.

In this case, the main worry would be lighting. Corners under the stairs spaces are often very dim, and a single table lamp would not be sufficient to illuminate the entire nook. So, working and reading may impair your vision in the long run. With that, putting some LED strip light on the underside of the steps, or a lamp on the wall could prove helpful.

Reading Nooks

Corners make for great nooks where you can settle and stick your nose into a book. In this case, we suggest you choose the most comfortable option when you start looking for accent chairs to buy online. While minimal and aesthetically-pleasing chairs do enliven the corners of your home, you have to make sure that these chairs are cozy enough for long hours of lounging.

Accent chair + Artwork Tandem

If not a painting, then a sculpture. Somehow, we can always find a place for art in our homes. So, if one corner of our house seems a bit empty, just install some wall art on the wall, then pair it with a complementing accent chair. Not only does this make for an ideal reading nook, it also appears visually picturesque.

Other decorative options include a slender sculptural material beside the accent chair to make the corner into a well-curated spot. However, we don’t these corner designs for homes and interiors with children and pets running around on the daily.

Corner Rugs to Match the Cushions

If you want to put a bit of attention to a particular corner in your home, you can put a high pile floor rug on that corner. Then, you can go choose to put some indoor plants on there for some added effect. 

Lastly, we note that you should match your handmade cushions and throw pillows to the rug. It doesn’t matter if your accent chair of choice is minimalist and simple. The appeal of the fabrics can get the job done.

Niche Storage Seats

Just because you can’t find the perfect accent chairs to buy online and slide into these corners, doesn’t mean you can’t work around it. That said, if this corner in your home is in the form of a wall niche, make it into a seating space that also doubles as storage. 

While this area may not be the best place to accommodate visitors, it serves the same purpose as an accent chair. It appears as a character in a room, and it can be great place for some alone time without being much of a shut in. That said, a bit of additional storage space won’t hurt as well.

In conclusion, there are indeed many ways you can work your way around those empty corners. Although we have to mention this fact – don’t leave those corners bare and empty. These may be areas that don’t go first in the priority list, but this lack in detail will bug you in the long run. So, if you still have found your choice of the accent chairs to buy online, put in some art or indoor plants to keep the corner alive.