July 13, 2024


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Love Cookbooks? Display Them in Style with These Great Ideas | Chicago Kitchen & Batch Remodeling Home Remodeling Contractor

Love Cookbooks? Display Them in Style with These Great Ideas | Chicago Kitchen & Batch Remodeling Home Remodeling Contractor


Do you use Pinterest?

We bet that you do, and it is chocked full of recipes that you were dying to try when you pinned them!

However, how many times have you pulled up your Pinterest page, or other online recipe storage section, to make something for dinner?

We are thinking you don’t do it too often, because it is too time consuming!

In fact, we think you skip over that step and go directly to your favorite cookbooks! We know that we do, and we have our all-time favorites that we choose time and time again.

If you have a collection of wonderful cookbooks or you are making your own binders filled with your favorite recipes, you need a way to display them in style.

Here are 5 great ideas for displaying your cookbooks in style:

  1. Grab a Vintage Crate at Your Local Antique Shop


The next time you are out shopping, stop in your local antique shop and grab one of the vintage crates that you see. This crate can sit on your countertop and keep your cookbooks corralled.


  1. Repurpose That Old Sideboard


If you happen to have an old sideboard laying around, or you find one on the side of the road, repurpose it into a kitchen island. The top can be used for extra prep or serving space, while the shelves can hold your cookbooks and a few other items that you want to keep in your kitchen.


  1. Use a Spice Rack


If you are short on counter space, but have plenty of room on a wall, consider using a spice rack to store your cookbooks. This option will only work if you have a couple cookbooks, but you will always know where they are and can access them quickly.


  1. Install an Open Shelf


Open shelves are popping up in kitchens everywhere, so why not install one to place all your cookbooks on? You do not need a full row of cookbooks to make this work, as a few cookbooks next to plants or other items looks wonderful too.


  1. Find Some Space Inside Your Pantry


If your pantry is not already overflowing with food, carve out some space for your cookbooks. Canned goods or clear containers can easily prevent your cookbooks from falling over and you can easily grab the book that you need as you are getting the ingredients for a meal.


These five ideas will have you keeping your cookbooks inside your kitchen without making the space look cluttered. The best part is that you will always know where to go to grab the cookbook that you need when making dinner most nights of the week.