March 3, 2024


Giving your Home a new Option

Interior design: tips and tricks

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Your home should be a reflection of your personality, hobbies, and things that makes you happy. So, the primary skills in interior designing are not only analysis, accuracy but creativity too. Interior design professionals can help to create your dream living space. They may suggest the best solution and advice in a creating process.

So, a few expert tips and tricks are presented below. First of all, discuss your dream home style with an interior designer. Interestingly, some experts suggest designing your home according to the 70-30 percent rule. 70 % of your room should be designed in one style and 30 % in a wholly different style. Secondly, experts suggest starting from floor covering. Thinking about colors, take the color wheel. If you have a lack of inspiration, the color wheel could help to choose new color combinations.

The experts advise using colors from contrary sides of the color wheel or, next to each other color on the color wheel, or even using more complex schemes of colors, for example, combine three colors with the help of the color wheel. Fourthly, leave enough open and clean space in your home and not fill your room with too much furnishings. Also, use all your room space. If you have a lot of open space, do not place your furnishings close to the walls. Talking about accessories, you should know that repeating or choosing very similar home accessories can make your living space look more harmonious. If you want to know more about experts’ tricks and tips in interior design, try it yourself.