June 13, 2024


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How to Know If a New Ulm Collaborative Divorce Suits Your Situation

What Is Collaborative Divorce & How Does It Work

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage in a divorce, you will go through a more complicated process than before. But you have more options to choose from including mediation, collaborative divorce, and divorce litigation. You may need to take the time to determine the best divorce process for you. Although this may be difficult for you to do while you face the reality of the life you are used to breaking apart, you must make the right choice. The right type of divorce will make it easier for you to complete the process and help you get better results. A New Ulm Divorce Attorney can explain to you the beneficial feature of collaborative divorce, so you can know if it is the right option for your situation. This type of divorce may suit you if:

You Want to Maintain a Good Co-parenting Relationship

A collaborative divorce is ideal for couples who wish to maintain a good relationship following their divorce. During this process, you must commit to certain procedures and values that can provide you with the opportunity to keep an amicable partnership after your divorce is finalized. This relationship is especially important if you have minor children. For most couples, the co-parenting transition is often difficult after the emotional roller coaster they go through during the divorce process. Collaborative divorce is meant to help couples pay attention to their concerns and needs and their family needs, trust, fairness, safety, and transparency to allow both parents to build a new solid relationship.  

You Need the Knowledge and Opinions of an Expert

Should you and your spouse require expert assistance on handling children, taxes, and appraisals, you jointly hire field experts. Such experts become a part of your team in the process and work with both parties to solve the issues. You and your spouse get access to the opinions and information the experts offer. 

You Want to Make Amicable Agreements

When you choose collaborative divorce, you and your spouse can create a divorce agreement that works well for both of you based on important factors. You both can consider whether an agreement is fair, which is something not relevant in court. 

You Want a Transparent Process

When you and your spouse enter the divorce process, you may not trust each other. Thus, you want a transparent divorce process, which is something a collaborative divorce demands. You and your spouse should exchange financial records and disclose your finances without hiding anything. Also, your respective lawyers will commit to transparency and fairness.