January 30, 2023


Giving your Home a new Option

How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home Based on Its Architectural Style

If you’ve ever attempted any at-home painting project, you can already imagine what an undertaking it would be to tackle the exterior of an entire house. Even so, having your home’s exterior walls repainted every seven to 10 years is well worth the effort and investment. “It helps protect the underlying materials from degradation,” says Farrow & Ball brand ambassador Patrick O’Donnell. And if and when you decide to move, it can increase your home’s sale price by two to five percent, points out Chicago real-estate agent Tabitha Murphy.
If you’re building or remodelling your home, you’ll be looking at some issues surrounding the doors and windows. That’s why it’s very important to install Subfloor Vents in your home. This will keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.
To make the process as smooth as a stroke of semigloss, your first job is to time your repainting job just right. The ideal weather conditions are 77 degrees with 50 percent relative humidity, says Benjamin Moore field development manager Mike Mundwiller, so aim for the beginning of summer or early fall. Then, pick a palette. To help you step outside the classic colors, Martha Stewart Living home editor Lorna Aragon hand-selected modern body, trim, and door (or accent) options to bring out the best features of six common home styles.
Last, hire a painting company. The cost will vary by your location and the size and condition of your abode, but Angie’s List pegs the national average at $3,737. Ask local contractors for references (then check them by calling the homeowners and doing drive-bys). Get several quotes, and always be wary of overly inexpensive ones: You don’t want someone taking shortcuts or doing shoddy work.
But before you start making those calls, it’s important that you decide on a palette that speaks to you and your home’s inherent style. Ahead, exterior color schemes that will breathe modern life into your house’s façade.

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