February 23, 2024


Giving your Home a new Option

Here Are 4 Places to Rent Stylish Furniture for Your Best Work from Home Set Up

Working from home is the new normal and you may be discovering that your set up isn’t ideal on a daily basis. Yet, you might not be ready to invest in purchasing furniture for this new arrangement. Enter a few direct-to-consumer furniture rental services that have been working to reinvent the way people furnish their homes. Originally designed to service Millennials on the move—a generation that has been moving more often and renting more homes than any prior generation—these businesses now also have the ability to reinvent themselves to temporarily help service a nation full of home offices.


Fernish, a “Rent the Runway-esque service for furniture” allows you to choose and rent single and full-room furnishings from furniture brands that range from their own private label to Crate & Barrel—and keep them for however long you want. Founded by Michael Barlow and Lucas Dickey in 2017, after both of them had experienced multiple moves—five times in seven years for Barlow and 10 times in 12 years for Dickey—Fernish was created to eliminate the stress, time, and money it takes to move and furnish a home. Currently, Fernish is available in Los Angeles and Seattle with plans to enter additional markets later this year. “Fernish is laser-focused on our customers and providing an optimal customer experience. Our team has strong Amazon DNA and that’s the lens through which we view things,” shares Barlow. Pricing varies based on the piece and how many months you’re renting for, but there is a $99 minimum monthly. Barlow also recently published the way Fernish is handling the current pandemic on Medium

A home office set up by Fernish. If you love what you rent, you can keep it. And Fernish promises that you will never pay more than retail. 

According to Fernish, they saved consumers $10 million in furniture purchasing in 2019 alone. 

A dining room table can serve double duty as a home office. 


Feather is another next-generation furniture rental service making beautiful furniture available without the upfront cost and commitment of traditional retail. A monthly subscription of just $19 allows you to choose from their curated selection of over 150 pieces of furniture with low monthly prices and free deliveries. Members have the option to swap out or return any item or put payments toward purchasing their furniture.  The company claims, “It’s the easiest, most stress-free way to go from an empty apartment to a fully furnished home without committing or spending a ton of time and money upfront. It’s also the best option for thoughtful consumers who want an alternative to fast furniture.” Feather has also recently launched an expansion of its WFH offerings, to meet the rising demand.

Launched in 2017, Feather is currently available in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

A dining room set up from Feather. 

“Key aspects that set Feather apart include our world-class customer service (which is powered by our owned logistics), and our flexible membership model,” explains 


Furnishr is another rental service that is available across the continental US and Canada, which specializes in managing the end-to-end process of furnishing your home. “From the time you reach out to us and fill out a design request, we take care of everything, soup to nuts,” explains CEO Mike Van. Furnishr designs your space according to your style preferences and your budget and then sources furniture directly from the manufacturer offering one-day delivery, setup, and clean up. Pricing depends on customer needs and can range anywhere from $1,500 for a basic living room set up, to $10,000 for an entire home. Van adds that since the onset of the coronavirus crisis, “We have seen a stronger need and demand for creating better home offices or workspaces within the home. So we’ve been implementing a bit more of that into our designs.”   

An open plan living/dining/kitchen layout by Furnishr. 

The addition of a desk can create an extra workspace in your bedroom. 

Casa One

Casa One, a furniture rental company, currently services ten markets across the continental US. Their website, which is organized by room, offers individual pieces or curated set-ups to rent. They also offer free customized layouts and 3D visualizations. Their services include sourcing, delivering, and assembling everything, and you can keep the furniture for as long as you want, or purchase it at any time.  

Casa One’s website is organized by area of the home, and they offer rentable vignettes, like this home office set up which goes for $47/month. 

This home office set up (desk and chair) goes for $44/month. 

This eight-seater dining table and chairs by Casa One. 

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