June 13, 2024


Giving your Home a new Option

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My main goal for the past two years has been decluttering. I am the queen of half-finished projects, abandoned hobbies, and am a compulsive saver of everything. While I have made major progress, there’s only so much you can stash away sight-unseen in a one-bedroom apartment. After moving, I decided that I couldn’t abide by anymore white or black clunky plastic bins in my space, but I still was on the hunt for something practical. When someone from Folden Lane reached out about their new collapsible faux leather storage bins, I wanted to try one immediately.

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I received the medium size in Olive, along with a set of dividers and a labeling tool kit. Designed by studio Box Clever, this storage basket shipped flat, so it required 55 percent less packing materials. I receive a lot of boxes and I get very annoyed when a company is wasteful by sending too big of a box. I appreciated Folden Lane’s focus on sustainability and functionality. The medium box is 17- inches long, 12.5-inches wide, and 9-inches tall.

This storage bin features an innovative design — you pull strings (which are hidden underneath some faux leather at the top of the box) to get the box to form its shape. The bin comes in both square and rectangle shapes. You can pick from two different sizes for the square version and four for the rectangle. It only took me about five minutes to assemble my medium-sized rectangular bin — and this is coming from a person who once built her IKEA dresser drawers inside out.

When the bin was ready to be filled, I was a little worried about how much it could fit, but I managed to stuff all of my crafting supplies in it from various hobbies (scrapbooks, needlepoint kits, yarn, painting supplies, canvases, and my large collection of pens). The bin has been surprisingly durable and hasn’t stretched at all. If I didn’t know the leather was fake, I might have been fooled. It’s so buttery soft and looks luxe compared to the other storage bins. The inside is also coated in a soft microfiber material, so I definitely would consider filling it with delicate keepsakes if I ever finish all of these craft projects. This bin truly could live in any room — laundry, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom — and adds a touch of style at the sane time. It comes in Black, Olive, Dove, or Indigo, so most will be able to find a color that suits their space.

But my favorite thing about this Folden Lane basket is that it’s collapsible. If I for whatever reason don’t need this bin, I can fold it down flat and tuck it away without it taking up any extra space. My default when getting rid of organizing solutions is to donate them, because usually they don’t fold flat. It feels like a waste of money. This bin, though a little pricey, is something I will keep for years to come.