May 20, 2024


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East Fork Releases a New, Lapis Hue in Tandem With an Auction for LGBTQ+ Equality

Mark your calendars: Asheville, North Carolina–based pottery and lifestyle company East Fork is set to release a bold new colorway for summer this Thursday, July 2 at noon EDT. A little bit edgy, a little bit classical, we can’t wait to add these ceramics to our cabinets—Blue Nudes, anyone?

Traditionally, each year East Fork celebrates the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same sex marriages by releasing a special line of mugs. This year, they’re doing something a little different: from June 26 to July 10, East Fork is hosting a live auction of blue-hued objects from talented ceramicists, printmakers, glass artists, and chefs they admire—including a sculptural urinal by Tyler Hays, who we covered last year. 100% of the proceeds are going to The Campaign for Southern Equality to support their work toward legal and lived equality for LGBTQ+ Southerners.

East Fork Dinner Plate in Lapis

We made and ate off hundreds of prototypes for The Dinner Plate before landing on this form. It has a slight lip for neat stacking and fits just right into standard dishwasher racks.

East Fork Cake Plate in Lapis

The wee one previously known as the Bread and Butter plate.

East Fork Soup Bowl in Lapis

If you’re looking for the Cereal Bowl, don’t freak out; this is the same bowl, just with a new name. We started calling it the Soup Bowl after heated debates at the office about cereal eating style.

East Fork The Mug in Lapis

Mugs tend to pile up in your cupboard. You get one from a gift shop at a National Park, another at a holiday gift exchange, another at a craft fair. Like your stuffed animals when you were a kid, you take turns using each one cuz you kinda feel bad for them. Until this one came along.

East Fork Juice Cup in Lapis

Please believe us when we say that we do not judge chugging half gallons of OJ straight from the refrigerator. But if that’s not your style, meet The Juice Cup. We use the term Juice Cup loosely, and with the understanding that you might wanna knock back a few successive rounds.

MINNA Ikat Table Runner

Table runners are basically giant, aesthetically pleasing coasters that look good anywhere you put them.

The Palestinian Table

“With The Palestinian Table, Reem Kassis gracefully demonstrates the power of food to transcend the political divisions that are, too often, all we know of a place like Palestine.

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