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Best 15 holiday hairstyles to wear and stun everyone this Christmas!

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and by now every girl seems to be asking herself one thing: What hairstyle should I wear this Christmas 2022? I mean, you have to stun every one who sees you as soon as you walk in the party! Am I not right? But there seem to be so many choices with which you can go. Should you wear your hair up or down? Curly or straight? And what about hair accessories? Luckily for you, I have gathered the top best 15 Christmas hairstyle ideas for 2022 and will gladly share them with you! Let’s go girls!

Side-swept Christmas hairstyle idea

sideswept hairstyle_christmas hairstyle ideas


To begin with our best picks for Christmas hairstyle ideas, we have the glamorous side-swept hairstyle! Some might say that side-swepts are a bit retro, but they surely make you think of old Hollywood glamour. This hairstyle is done by blow-drying your hair with a round brush to style it in light curls. Then you part your hair in a deep side parting, and sweep all of it over your shoulder. Set in place with bobby pins and hairspray.

Textured ponytail for Christmas

textured ponytail_christmas hairstyle ideas


Looking for a fashionable, but easy hairstyle for Christmas 2022? You have found it! Tie your hair in a high ponytail and add as much volume to it as you can! Curl small sections of your hair to make the ponytail more voluminous, and spray in a texturing hairspray.

Fishtail crown holiday hairstyle

fishtail crown_christmas hairstyles

Do you want a party hairstyle that looks both classy and easy-going at the same time? Then try this fishtail crown! The key to getting the messy look that also happens to stay in place, is by first braiding your hair tight and smooth. After which you secure it, and then you begin to muss it up, before using pins to place it in a cute crown.

Pearl headband hairstyle idea

pearl headband hairstyle_party hairstyles

What about trying a trendy hairband hairstyle this Christmas 2022? First smooth your hair with some hair gel to keep it tight, and then put on your beautiful pearl headband. This hairstyle will surely you make you stand out in the upcoming Christmas party!

Half-up hairstyle for Christmas

half-up hairstyles_party hairstyles

I am all about half-ups! As my hair is too puffy, I often tie half of it in a high pony placement. But for this Christmas 2022 hairstyle, let’s tie that half-up ponytail even higher! And to make the look even more stunning, curl your lengths into bouncy bombshell curls for extra volume!

Waterfall braid hair idea

waterfall braid_waterfall braid hairstyles

In need of Christmas hairstyle ideas for a chic and feminine look? I got you covered! Here we have the beautiful and elegant waterfall braid! For this take on the waterfall braid, instead of securing the braid with a bobby pin, go for a velvet ribbon to add a unique touch.

Rudolph hairstyle for kids

rudolph hairstyle_christmas hairstyles for kids


We also have perfect Christmas hairstyle ideas for kids as well! Create a charming Rudolph bun for your little princess as she is about to go visit Santa. Make a tight bun, and then apply hair spray to secure it. Likewise, if you happen to be an adult and want to try out the Rudolph bun, no one is going to stop you!

Sleek blowout hair for Christmas

sleek blowout hairstyle_christmas hairstyle ideas

What about a classy and sexy hairstyle idea that will open the doors to any Christmas party you want to attend? Get a sleek and classy blowout for Christmas 2022, and be the talk of the event! Plus, if the blowout is done right, it can last you all week!

Pearly hair Christmas hairstyle

pearls hairstyles_pearl in hair

Definitely one of my favourite Christmas 2022 hairstyles! For an exquisite and very feminine look, add a couple of tiny pearl beads to your hair, with the help of tweezers and hair glue. Use the tweezers to take each bead, dip it in the glue and then place onto the hair.

Bow hairstyle idea for Christmas

bow hairstyles_christmas hairstyle ideas

Why not wrap yourself up in a fancy bow to surprise everyone this Christmas 2022?! Just kidding, meant that only for the hair. But really, what better way to spread some festive spirit than with a beautiful oversized bow that will give you the perfect, yet simple, holiday hairstyle.

Curly hair for the holidays

christmas hairstyle ideas_curly hairstyles

I mean, going for the full-on bouncy curls hairstyle for any event is always a fab choice. For those of you who have natural fluffy curls all the better, and for those who don’t, time to get to styling! Curl your hair with the help of a curling iron, as you curl from the roots. Apply hairspray to hold when you are finished.

Bubble pony braid hairstyle

bubble pony hairstyle_christmas hairstyle ideas

This year has been all about bubble ponytails and braids. Why you ask? Well, this fabulous hairstyle is actually a lot easier to style than it looks. You just need to tie your hair in a ponytail, and place elastics or ribbons every 2 inches/ 5 cm from the beginning to the end of the tail. Do this by pulling each section to get the bubble shape.

Christmas tree hairstyle idea

christmas tree hairstyle_christmas tree hair

Let me guess, most of you are probably here for this one-of-a-kind Christmas hairstyle. Am I right? No wonders! There is really nothing like it! And this festive hairstyle is not just for kids, but really anyone can wear it. I will include a video tutorial on a similar version of this look, so be on the watch for it!

Sparkly headband hairstyle

hairstyles for christmas_headband hairstyles

Yet another elegant hairstyle for Christmas featuring a beautiful headpiece. If you want to get that winter fairy princess look, opt for a striking sparky headband to complement your short, medium or long hair.

Mermaid waves idea for Christmas

mermaid waves_christmas hairstyle ideas

For all long-haired maidens, get these gorgeous mermaid waves this Christmas 2022! Go for loose curls by curling your hair, and while the hair is still hot after being removed from the curler, gently pull on the ends. This aids in transforming the curl from a tight curl pattern to a loose one.

Did you enjoy our picks for the best Christmas hairstyle ideas? I sure hope so! Now you have all you need to get that glamorous look and all eyes will be on you this Christmas 2022 celebration. Happy holidays girls!

Video Tutorial: Christmas tree hairstyle